Complete Mailing Service Operations

We can...

A - Purchase mailing list names for you or use your house list
      Perform duplicate check on mail list - eliminating mailing more
      than one piece to each desired address (unless requested by

- Help you design your mailing piece -
      Adding our postal indicia can save you $$ - we pay the permit
and you benefit from the savings

C - Print your mailing piece

D - Perform all bindery operations necessary i.e. fold, tab,

E - Run all reports required by postal regulation including CASS 
guaranteed to save on postage costs
      We will run a DPV (delivery point verification- required by UPS)
      on your list and provide you a copy of those that do not qualify -
     you will need to give us a mail or don't mail to those addresses.

F - Label your mailing piece with provided or purchased
      addresses and bar codes
to guarantee timely delivery

- Tray and deliver to our local post office for processing