E-Z Rite Checks

Our check systems are a valuable tool for any business.They can be used for expense or payroll. When used with check registers and earnings records they make your record keeping much easier.

Standard paper colors used are yellow, green, and blue Safe-T-Weave. Some checks are printed on Pant-O-Graph check paper.

Standard Ink Colors are brown, green, blue, red and black.

Here are a few samples of our most popular checks along with their compatible components.
See our Catalog for more details or call (920) 685-5662



Single Part - Product Code NB-FEB - Two Park - Product Code NB-FEB-2C
Overall Size: 8-3/8" x 4-3/4" Detached Size: 7-3/16" x 3-1/4" Printed On: Pantograph Check Paper
Compatible Units: Check Register - FB-FEB * Earnings Records - EB-EEB * Envelope - RS7D


Single Part - Product Code NB-CDB - Two Park - Product Code NB-CDB-2C
Overall Size: 8-1/2"  x  4-1/4" Detached Size: 7-1/2"  x  3-1/2" Printed On: Pantograph Check Paper or Safety Paper
Compatible Units: Check Register - FB-CDB * Earnings Records - EB-CDB (4Qtrs.) or EB-CDA (2Qtrs.) * Envelope - RS7E


Single Part - Product Code NB-BBE - Two Park - Product Code NB-BBE-2C
Overall Size:
7-3/16" x 3-1/2" Detached Size: 6-1/4" x 3-1/2" Printed On: Safety Paper
Compatible Units: Check Register - FB-MJC * Envelope - RS7A

MICR Numbering

The magnetic characters at the bottom of the check will always be printed in black ink. Included in the price of the checks is visual and sequential MICR numbering, shingling and punching.

Please Remember

When ordering new checks or when there has been a change in banks, be sure to supply us with a bank specification sheet which has the Bank Name and Address, Fractional Number, Customers Name, Address, Phone Number and complete information for magnetic MICR encoding line.

When ordering sequential MICR numbering, except if a previously printed sample is sent, we require a "Spec Sheet" with your order. Any check with a detached size of 7-1/4" or longer wil be MICR numbered in positions #45 thru #52. Any check with a detached size of less than 7-1/4" is numbered in the "Bank ON-US Field". The individual banks computer will vary the positions, from bank to bank. For BUSINESS ACCOUNT checks which are smaller than 7-1/4". Normally, consecutive spaces between positions 14 and 32 will be used. For checks smaller than 7-1/4", a three or four digit numbering format may be selected in the "Bank ON-US Field".



Because these patterns are hard to view off the internet please call for a catalog (920) 685-5662