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Printco Incorporated is a 50 year old family owned business, that provides a variety of printing and marketing services through a network of independent distributors nationwide. Printco currently provides a full line of offset and digital print services, with support services including; graphic and design services, complete mailing services, variable printing and 1:1 marketing design and fulfillment, with web portal catalog solutions.

Printco's core business includes business forms and checks (laser, continuous and pegboard), high security prescription forms, envelopes, digital black & white and color printing (static and variable), along with stock forms and warehousing services.

Printco was founded in July 1958 by Fred Sperling because his Customers wanted names and addresses imprinted on envelopes but could not buy the high volume required by his existing employer. So Fred satisfied their needs by imprinting envelopes at night and on weekends for them.

In the late 1970's, our Customers requested that we expand production into the Pegboard Accounting Systems area, also know as One-Write Systems. We met their needs.

In the late 1980's, our Customers needs were met again by expanding into the continuous forms and laser cut sheets field of manufacturing.

In May 1987, Fred Sperling retired and his son and current owner, Ken, began as CEO.

In the 1990's, Mailing Services and Fulfillment Services were added to satisfy the needs of our Customers, once again.

The year 2000 brought four color printing capabilities to Printco and in 2002 personalized color digital printing was introduced.

Today, as technology changes, so has Printco. We have developed expertise in using unique digital solutions to provide answers to demanding marketing programs. A web-based Design-Proof-Print on-line catalog system is available for those Customers who need 24/7 access.

In summary, Printco prides itself in providing printed products and services, designed to be flexible and responsive, to meet the ever changing needs of our Customers.




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