It is a program that can be adapted to any vertical market, using direct mail, email and websites.

The following is an illustrated version for a bank to say thank you to new mortgage customers, to gain valuable feed back on the quality of service the customer received, and to also find out additional cross selling opportunities.

A personalized calendar is sent to the customer after the mortgage closes, along with a sheet of return address labels with a thank you note at the top. Within the thank you is a pURL that the customer can go to and fill out a customer satisfaction survey and indicate other services they are interested in.

With feedback from the customer the bank can then improve their mortgage process, and follow up on additional services the customer is interested in.

Two weeks after the calendars are delivered, an email-blast is sent out to the customers who have provided an email address with the same pURL imbedded in the email. By using this program the bank has improved their response rates and gained valuable information to help exceed customers expectations.

What is a pURL?

A pURL is a personalized url or website.

When incorporated in a printed mail piece or embedded as a link in a personalized email, the recipient will be taken to their personalized web page which uses variable text, images and links on a series of landing pages. When incorporated into a pURL your direct marketing campaign can boost response rates and provide a measurable ROI. You will also have access to reporting results 24/7, you can capture customer information and generate qualified leads.

Pricing includes importing and mapping of your provided database, securing a web address for the campaign, design and set up of landing pages (3), creation of pURL addresses and providing a secure log-in to view real time campaign results.





What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is your call to action, it is the page your visitor arrives to after clicking on a link, or entering their pURL in their web browser. This is where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result such as a short survey which will give feedback from the customer on the service they received or for products they are interest in.

Use the landing page to gather important information from your customer. Use it for cross selling or promotions.





What is an Email Blast?

An Email Blast is an electronic mailing sent all at once to a large email list, showcasing special offers, upcoming events or company information.

Email Blasts can reach 1000's of people at once. In combination with a direct mail campaign, it will increase the response rate to your marketing campaigns. What a great way to grab your customers attention, by using short content and getting to the point.

We can include personalization to your email and include a pURL to drive the recipient to their personalized landing page.





What is an QR Code?

A QR code is a two dimensional code which stores information that can be scanned and read with a cell phone. "QR" meaning "Quick Response" allows a person to decode the contents at a high rate of speed. Simply download the QR reader on a camera phone and take a picture of the code. The reader will let you view the message, open the url, store/dial a phone number or import contact information into your phone.

Printco can generate a QR code and print it on any form you request. Just supply us the information to embed in the code and we'll take care of the rest.

QR Campaign (Includeds 1 unique QR code) $100.00 set up fee - includes tracking details.





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