Recall Cards are a unique personalized variable data printing program used to improve response rates for any type of business.

This award winning recall program incorporates a highly personalized graphic on one side and a versioned message which is based on the age of the patient and how long it has been since their last visit. Since the message is based on the age of the patient, relevant information is given in the recall card. And the graphics which are used are more relevant to the age of the patient, creating a better response.

Printed on 100# gloss cover, 4/2, with UV coating on one side. The cards can be printed and shipped to the doctor to mail, or Printco can provide the mail service. The patients last visit date can be printed on the card for easy mailing reference.

standard package

Our standard package includes


Dental Kevin Mark Fran Paula Bradley

Ages 1-12 Years Old 13-20 Years Old 21-44 Years Old 45-64 Years Old 65+ Years Old

Optometric Tim Laura Laura Jeremey Taylor

Deluxe Package

Our deluxe package includes


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